Helping Online Businesses Nail Their Tech

Stop letting the technical aspects of digital entrepreneurship overwhelm you

Figuring out tech and branding can be very overwhelming for digital entrepreneurs​. There are too many options, all with their own learning curves and you just don't have the time or energy to figure it all out. . 

Don't worry. I got you!

I help digital entrepreneurs and small businesses set up their websites and their digital branding tech so they can focus on building and growing the business of their dreams.  

Have a website but it's not performing and you're not sure if it's set up correctly? you may need to review these 6 prerequisites for a successful website.

There is nothing wrong with DIY'ing your website. However, your website is often the first point of contact between you and your customer and it needs a few essentials to make the right impression (and keep you legally legit). Download my checklist for 6 prerequisites for a successful website. 

Don't Let the Tech Struggles Burn You Out

I know you have amazing ideas but between trying to build your own website, figuring out social media platforms like Instagram, SEO, email funnels, shopping cart options, e-commerce platforms and more- you're exhausted, demotivated and ready to quit.

It doesn't have to be like that.

You can leverage the right tech stack to help you build, streamline and grow your business without wanting to throw your laptop out the window. 


digital branding strategy

Website Design & Branding

Your digital branding is a powerful way to stand out from the crowd. I help you design and implement your website, funnels, content strategy, and manage all the tech so you can focus on your idea and your clients. 


1-on-1 consultations

Power Hours

Do you need help with a specific challenge you're facing in your digital branding or social media? Sometimes, it can help to have a second set of eyes. Book a one-on-one meeting and let's troubleshoot it together.


for all the moms

Motherhood Unlocked

Having the right mindset, systems and mom life hacks is so essential in finding success as a mom entrepreneur. My goal is to empower you to build a routine where you can create the pockets of time to build your business. 

find your ideal clients where they hang out

Give Your Instagram Profile a Glow-up with A Personalized Audit

With over a billion active users, Instagram is an essential part of connecting with your ideal audience in 2021. If you're hearing crickets every time you post and the only person watching and responding to your Stories is your sweet mom, I can help. Instagram doesn't have to be such a mystery. I audit your Instagram account with an eye towards strategic growth opportunities and help you refine the small things that have big pay off. 

About Me

Hi, I'm Hafsa

I help entrepreneurs and small business nail their tech so they can build the businesses of their dreams and make money on their own terms. I am incredibly passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs, especially moms- to take their vision, creativity and drive and use it to become financially independent. 

Do you feel like you have amazing ideas and keep going from one project to another without sticking to anything?

I was like you. I started my first online business in 2011. Since then, I've learned what does and doesn't work in this online business space and I'm here to help you avoid the mistakes that I made.

When I'm not working, you'll find me chasing after my 4 guys, taking care of my plant babies or shopping the Target app while watching The Office (simply the best TV show ever created).

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The Masterclass vault

A Curated Collection of Masterclasses focused on helping you moving forward in your business and life.

Whether you're looking for direction on how to build an email funnel (or what an email funnel even is) to time management and productivity hacks for moms and mompreneurs, the masterclass is your one-stop shop for the very best in on-demand digital learning.


"Hafsa is simply extraordinary. We worked with her during a power hour as Chicago Parent started its print magazine redesign kicking off in 2021. What a power hour it was!"

Due to extensive research she did prior to our hour, she provided insights and real-time suggestions to better engage with readers and influencers in Chicagoland that we put immediately into consideration. We have more to do, but she laid out a great path for us to follow — and she has been a cheerleader all along for our success.
Tamara L. O'Shaughnessy