Thousands and thousands of people have purchased the Instant Pot and most LOVE it! However, there are are still people who wonder what is so special about this appliance. Here are 5 reasons why I LOVE my Instant Pot.

  1. The biggest reasons I love my IP is because it allows me to set my food to cook and forget it. For most recipes, it's a one, maybe 2 step cooking process that doesn't require any babysitting or effort on my side and frees up my time to spend with the kids, catch up on laundry or just watch a rerun of Seinfeld.
  2. While not everything cooks faster in the Instant Pot, many things do, especially if you use shortcuts like using hot liquids and setting the pot on sauté prior to starting to cook. Having a meal ready in under half an hour, with little baby sitting is a win in my book
  3. I love that the insert is stainless steel. I've been weaning myself off of nonstick cookware and the IP has really helped. Hint: If you want a non-stick surface, just set the pot on sauté until it reads HOT, and then add some oil. The hot pot + cold oil create a beautiful non stick surface
  4. Having an Instant Pot has made me try recipes that I always thought were too difficult. Beef Roast has become a weeknight staple in our home, curries a regular meal. These are things that I never tried before because they either felt too hard or took too long. The Instant Pot takes both of those problems away
  5. Easy cleanup. Two words that make every mom's heart sing. Most IP meals result in very few dishes and that makes cleanup a breeze, so much so that even my husband offers to do it.

If you don't already have an Instant Pot, you can get one here. I personally have the Duo 7-in-1 and we love it but the LUX 6-in-1 is a great option if you don't plan to make yogurt and use the low pressure option.

What do YOU love most about your Instant Pot? Share in the comments and we might feature your reason in our next post on this topic. Have a happy day!