Muslims around the world are celebrating Ramadan this month. For 30 days, we abstain from food and drinks from dawn until dusk, which focusing on building stronger relationships, doing good deeds and coming closer to the Almighty.

Because of the abstaining from food and drink, food becomes a focal point of breaking the fast. All year, people look forward to the Ramadan treats that are served at Iftar time (the breaking of the fast). None of those treats are as well loved as the samosas. They are little triangles of goodness that are filled with meats or potatoes and deep fried until they're golden. You can easily eat 5 of them in one sitting after not eating all the day. The only problem is that deep frying them makes them very unhealthy and even one is a bit of an indulgence, especially if you're watching your diet.

Enter- the AIR FRYER. This thing is magic. It makes perfect, beautifully golden, extremely samosas with just a spritz of oil. They are delicious and you would never know that they weren't deep fried in oil from the flavour. You can also use the Air Fryer to make pakoras, another Ramadan favourite, but you need to use mini silicone cups and while they won't be perfectly round, they will taste amazing and have a fraction of the calories of regular pakoras.

We've been using our air fryer every day since Ramadan started and I am so thrilled with this investment. My settings for the samosas: 400 degrees, 7 minutes on each side to get that beautiful golden colour. We have the GoWise 3.7 QT 1400W version and I was easily able to fit 10 samosas in there, standing up. For the pakoras, I used these mini cupcake liner cups and was able to squeeze in about 6 of them.

I hope you get one and try it. The one linked above does offer Prime shipping so you can have yours in 2 days and enjoy crispy samosas and pakoras without any guilt for the rest of Ramadan.

Happy Fasting everyone 🙂