This No-Knead bread recipe is like magic. Your loaf comes out gorgeous, golden and crisp and the inside is beautifully soft and fluffy. While you don't use the Instant Pot to actually bake the bread, the ability to proof the dough in the pot allows you to make this bread in 5 hours, start to finish- 4.5 of which is waiting time. If you've never baked before, try this bread. I promise you, you won't be disappointed!

I basically used the exact recipe from this link:

I didn't deviate from the recipe at all. I think in the future, I might toss in some cheese or herbs to experiment, but I was just so thrilled to be able to make this- I didn't want the first time to fail because I tried something different. If you are planning on adding some fixin's, just make sure you add then right when you mix flour/water/salt/yeast as to not overwork the bread.

I used my Lodge Dutch Oven to bake the bread in the oven. I purchased it on Amazon around this time of the year and got a fantastic deal:

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful (and warm) day!