Who doesn't love pasta? Certainly not our family. My kids can have pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the snacks in between. Even though I shouldn't, I often accompany them in this pursuit to consume all the pasta on the Eastern Seaboard, I've been working on subbing regular pasta out for whole wheat or even brown rice pasta which I found at Trader Joe's.
This is a quick and delicious recipe for making pasta with frozen meatballs in your Instant Pot.

I do use homemade meatballs for this recipe and the recipe I use to make my meatballs for ages is this Rachel Ray recipe on Foodnetwork.

Here's how to make this dish:
– 1 box pasta (I prefer spaghetti but whatever pasta you have on hand will work)
– 1 jar pasta sauce + same jar worth of stock/water
– seasoning of choice
– frozen meatballs

Toss everything in the Instant Pot (we use the Duo60 7-in-1). Give it a good stir and set it to cook on manual for 8 minutes. Let naturally release. Once the pin has dropped, remove the lid, stir the pasta and plate.


While the pasta is cooking, go outside and build a snowman with your kids (at least that's what I did because we had a massive snowfall last night 🙂

I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you need any help or loved this recipe, please leave us a comment!