I know I’ve been talking about this for a week. But today, I am so excited to share with you our beautiful baby boy nursery. Since we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or girl, we actually designed the room to be a gender-neutral nursery. I did a lot of research on neutral nursery room ideas with the thought that I’d personalize it once we knew what we were having. Once our little D was born and we knew we were team blue for the third time, we kind of turned it into a blue gender neutral nursery with pops of robin blue in the bedding, artwork and decor accents. 

Why I LOVE it?

One of the biggest reasons why this is my favourite room in the house, beyond being gorgeous and sundrenched, is that this room is full of reminders of the people who love me and my babies and who are my support foundation. 

Motherhood has days where you just feel spent. You’re exhausted from the demands of a fussy newborn, or a teething baby and all you need is a reminder that you are loved. This room contains tons of reminders of the fact that I have an entire community around me.

 The handmade blanket that was a gift from my MIL, the gorgeous daybed that my parents helped us get, the little white shelf that my dad hung, the gold circle shelf that my friend gifted us, the toys, books, and accessories that came from various loved ones- are all reminders that not only am I not alone, but I am incredibly blessed to have people who love me and my babies.

The Nursery Is for the Mom

I truly believe that nurseries in that first year are more for the mom than the baby. That’s why it’s important to set them up to be practical spaces that keep your comfort and convenience in mind. 

A few small things I’ve done to make this room work for me: 

1- The daybed is a lifesaver– There are so many long nights where I’ve spent half the night rocking the baby and I’m just too tired to walk back to my room only to come back. Having this daybed to stretch out for myself or even for my husband to hang out and keep me company is super amazing. 

2- A comfortable glider is key- We’ve had this Graham glider from West Elm since Z was born and I can honestly say that it is one of the best furniture purchases we’ve ever made. It’s survived countless hours of rocking 2 babies, brothers wrestling on it and around it and remains as sturdy and comfortable as ever. 

3- Have the necessities on hand- I wanted to make sure that I had set up this modern neutral nursery in a way where all the things I needed were within arms reach. This includes having a phone charger and a place to put my phone, some snacks nestled inside the bookshelf, the gorgeous Morrocan pouf to make the interminable rocking easier, the little stool with a top to place a drink on and a spot for extra blankets/pacifier right beside me where I might need them. 

4- Organize it- I can’t stress it enough. The dresser is organized within an inch of its life. Every drawer has bins that separate all the baby necessities including his clothes, undershirts, diapering essentials, moisturizers, baby meds, blankets, extras- you name it and there’s a spot for it. Having a place for everything and everything in its place means that I don’t have to spend more than 2 seconds searching for any nursery essential. I’ll be doing a post on that later so keep an eye out. 

5. Less is more- we tried to keep the clutter in the room to an absolute minimum. This lends the room an airy feeling and I don’t feel like all the stuff is closing in on me when I’m spending hours confined to the glider, trying to get the baby to sleep. Less stuff also means that when the big brother’s bring their toys and doodads in the room while I’m in there with the baby, there’s lots of space for everyone to spread out.

Where Everything is From:

Crib: Da Vinci Autumn 4-in-1 Crib
Dresser: Ikea Hemnes 8 Drawer Dresser in White
Glider: West Elm Graham Glider
Daybed: Stone & Beam French Country Daybed
Gold Circle Shelf: Pillowfort at Target
Crib Bedding: DIY
Large Canvas Art: Original Art by Taylor Lee

I hope this reveal gives you some gender-neutral nursery decorating ideas. Let me know in the comments what your favorite part of the room is! My mom’s favourite thing is the stuffed lion peeking down at the changing table from the shelf overhead.

Happy Momm-ing friends!